2006 proved bumper year for recycling!

Created: 12/12/06 10:57

2006 proved to be a bumper year for recycling. Over 100,000 skips moved to and from the LSS Recycling Centre in Leeds.

Whatever Leeds residents were chucking out in 2006, it was more than the chintz. Over 100,000 skip journies were made by LSS vehicles making last year a bumper year for recycling.

An amazing array of objects found their way onto the LSS waste separator, from unusual items such as oil paintings, golf clubs and even gold rings are amongst the more unusual objects plucked off the waste conveyor by the LSS workforce.

"You'd be surprised what turns up," confirms Nigel Woolford, founder of LSS Waste Management, who knows a thing or two about sifting through piles of discarded items. "It would be easier to list the things we haven't found than to name the things we have. The only thing I'm still waiting to turn up is a suitcase full of money. I haven't seen one of those in twenty years, but I live in hope!"



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