Legislation & Price Update 2009

Customer Notification

As you will no doubt be aware, the Government increases Landfill Tax charges on the 1st April each year.  In last years Budget, the then Chancellor decided an increase of £8.00 per tonne commencing 1st April 2009, setting the Landfill Tax at £40.00 per tonne.

Within the waste industry recycling has always been encouraged with the prospect of gaining revenue by segregating Cardboard, Plastics, Wood, Metals and Paper to name but a few. With high recycling figures which are required for compliance comes the investment in machinery to recycle these products, unfortunately the world wide demand for recyclate has diminished with nearly all recycled products now attracting a processing charge.

Recycling and pre-treatment of your waste is now a legislative requirement and is reflected in the many Site Waste Management Plans being produced at pre-tender level. By choosing LSS Waste Management Ltd as your recycling partner you are safe in the knowledge that the latest technology will ensure you are fully compliant and give you a significant advantage when tendering for contracts.

A further legislative change that now affects the Construction industry is the Environment Agency’s position regarding gypsum and other sulphate bearing wastes, including plasterboard. As a Company we can still accept plasterboard at our recycling facility in Leeds where it will be processed and used in agricultural soil treatment. Alternatively we also offer a full plasterboard recycle and reuse service for the manufacture of plasterboard ensuring ‘closed loop’ recycling.

At LSS Waste Management Limited we recycle 85% of all waste we receive, the majority of which now attracts a gate fee. We have already been notified of increases in the cost to recycle due to increases in fuel. The cost of recycling is high and still increasing; with all best intentions LSS Waste Management will endeavour to keep any increases to a minimum.

This letter is merely a forewarning of the intended changes in legislation and to warn of the impacts that the costs in recycling and compliance are having on our industry. It is also intended to allow you to budget should you be tendering for contracts, pricing or even reviewing your own budgets.

We will advise nearer the time of the final increases. This would be a prudent time to review your waste disposal operations and most certainly should there be any waste you have stock-piled, consideration should be given to removing this before the end of March 2009.

We will continue to drive our recycling policy forward and to ensure the best service whilst ensuring 100% compliance to you, our customer, at all times.

Should you require any further information please do not hesitate to contact us either by telephone on 0113 282 4531 or email enquiries@lsswaste.co.uk.

LSS Waste Management Limited


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